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Team Selection Policy

For teams with competitive tryouts, coaches shall select players for their team in accordance with the mission of the PGSA, which is to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of area boys and girls through the sport of soccer.  Player development holds the highest priority, and is followed by team development, both of which supersede any one coach’s wants. Ultimately, players choose for which team they play, given a roster opportunity.

PGSA strives to always have an A-team, based on player performance, and will have a designated A-team in instances of multiple teams for an age group.  Tryouts for an age group with multiple teams shall occur simultaneously, with all coaches evaluating players during the collective tryout.  The A-team has one week, post tryouts, to set their roster before subsequent teams may engage eligible players and set their roster(s).  A player previously on an A team’s or its coach’s roster may miss tryouts and still earn an invite to play, if they miss tryouts due to injury, illness, or other circumstance.

PGSA prioritizes forming teams in order to maximize opportunities for player development.  Rosters sizes may flex upwards to NCYSA dress limits without player guarantee of game play.  An A-team shall have a minimum of four and maximum of six player substitutions on its roster to start a season before a second full roster can form.  Player longevity with PGSA is the final qualifying tiebreaker for team selection, where years of registration is prioritized.  Unique and special circumstances shall be reviewed and decided by the Board of Directors.
Effective August 2022

Drone Policy

Adopted by NCYSA Executive Board, June 11, 2016 (PGSA follows these guidelines)

It is the policy of North Carolina Youth Soccer to provide a safe environment for all who attend a North Carolina Youth Soccer activity and/or event. Therefore, the use of unmanned aircraft is PROHIBITED at any activity or event of North Carolina Youth Soccer. As an organization committed to providing a developmental, healthy, and safe environment, North Carolina Youth Soccer recognizes that the safety of its youth players is paramount. It is the responsibility of the Competition Authority and/or Designated Authority of North Carolina Youth Soccer events to ensure that this policy is strictly enforced.

View full policy here: NCYSA Drone Policy

Playing Up Policy

Playing Up Policy:

Effective 5/9/2017 the PGSA Coaching Committee recommends that every participant play on their birth year age group. Those wishing to primary roster on an older age group team must submit a written appeal to the coaching committee. This policy replaces the previous "25% rule" for playing up. The PGSA will continue to utilize the club pass to enable players to participate on older teams.

PGSA Coaching Committee Members:

Andy Giordano
Omar Chahid
Scott Crass
Nick Rupp
Mark Gibson

Pet Policy

Pets are not allowed on the fields and should not go beyond the fenced in area at any time.

PGSA Lightning Policy

The PGSA adheres to the NCYSA Lightning Policy. Please see the policy here.

Pitt-Greenville Soccer Association Extreme Weather Policy


It shall be up to the discretion of the game referee to determine if temperature and any other weather conditions are safe for game play.


There shall be no outdoor training sessions of any kind at any location during times when the Extreme Weather Policy is in effect. A communication will be sent via club-wide communication media any time the Extreme Weather Policy is in effect. Any training sessions held while the Extreme Weather Policy is in effect will be considered an Unsanctioned Event and therefore will not be covered under PGSA Insurance policy.

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