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Elections / Nominations Information

  • PGSA Board elections will be held the third week of August 2020.
  • All nominations need to be submitted by June 30th.  You can nominate a candidate or self-nominate.
  • All nominees will be vetted and then a short bio must be submitted by the candidate.
  • All vetted candidates are invited to come to our board meeting July 17th to introduce themselves and watch a meeting.
  • The positions available are: Vice President, Treasurer, and five voting board member positions
  • Make sure to read all qualifications/requirements for board positions listed on PGSA website.

SUBMIT NOMINATIONS TO : [email protected]

PGSA Board Candidate Bio's

Voting Member :

Amanda Pantedlidis

Our family came to Pitt-Greenville Soccer Association fall of 2019 and have fallen in love with the organization and all it provides our son. Our son is on the Boys 11U team and looks forward too many more years of playing. So being a soccer-mom, I thought I'd get involved where and when I could. I have in the past served on the Boards of several other non-profits and will be happy to jump in where needed. I have a strong youth sports background from playing as a youth myself and know firsthand the importance of youth sports on developing children. The benefits of ongoing friendships and support from teammates, the lessons of working hard for success (or dealing with sometimes falling short), the positive impact of many amazing coaches, and the ability to play in a sports environment where everyone is welcomed and encouraged. I am motivated to keep these opportunities available for many more youth and their families in the years to come.

Carol Carson

I am seeking re-election to the PGSA Board because I want to contribute to an organization that seeks to develop healthy children and young adults through sport. As a parent with a child from both the girls and boys teams, past experience on the board, and credentials in relevant areas, I would be an asset to our club in its continued development as a successful youth soccer organization. Over the last two years I have worked to make the concession stand a successful fundraising source, improve communication within the club, and volunteered extensively for the Beast of the East soccer tournament. I am also a physical education teacher at Elmhurst Elementary, an aquatic group exercise instructor, a swimming instructor, and a Realtor with Aldridge and Southerland. I am excited about what our future holds for PGSA and how I can help in shaping it. Thank you for your consideration.

Gretchen Hvastkovs

Hi, I’m Gretchen Hvastkovs, and I’m running for the PGSA board. I’m originally from California, went to college in Wyoming, have lived in Connecticut, and have now lived in Greenville for 12 years. I have three kids – ages 17, 13, and 10 – and one playing soccer (the 13-year-old). I am the local marketer for Texas Roadhouse and am also the director of St. Paul’s Preschool in Greenville. I have served on the PTA for both Hope and DH Conley for the last five+ years. I feel that I am a good candidate for the board as I have been involved in PGSA for a while now – since my daughter was 7 years old – and I have been heavily involved in the Greenville community through work and service. Thank you for your consideration.

Patrick Watson

My name is Patrick Watson, father of PGSA participant Molly Watson. My professional background has been primarily in the Real Estate industry throughout my career. I am currently employed with Eastern Carolina Realty in a sales, recruitment, and business expansion compacity. I am also the president of Stewart & Smith Interiors LLC, we specialize in design, construction, and consultation. My family lives in Greenville NC for the second time starting in June 2016. We are active in the Methodist Church along with Upward Basketball where I served as an assistant coach. Also was a head coach with Future Stars Soccer for the Parks & Recreation. We are involved in charitable causes with Eastern Seals along with March of Dimes. I am a member at CrossFit Greenville and an avid golfer in the area.

Over 30 years of my life I have been involved with youth soccer throughout North Carolina as a player, coach, and father. I feel that I owe it to my family, my community, & the game to use my experience to give back and help contribute anything I can for PGSA. Through my profession; molding relationships, negotiation, and business focus is a part of my skillset I use on a daily basis that I hope to bring the board. I have been involved with the PGSA approximately four years and we have been very impressed with our experience thus far but I believe there is an opportunity to make it even better. I hope that you will consider me for this position and please feel free to contact anytime. Thank you!

Harry Albritton

My name is Harry Albritton. I reside in Farmville, NC with my wife, Lesley, and our three sons. My middle son, Jack, plays on the PGSA U14 Boys team. Jack has played for PGSA since his Academy seasons. Years ago, I coached all my sons while they participated in future stars. As a youth, I also played club soccer, first in the south metro area of Atlanta, Georgia and then in New Jersey. Despite living outside North Carolina for many years, I have established ties to eastern North Carolina. I am the sixth generation of my family to live and raise children in Pitt County. I graduated from East Carolina University in 1998 and then returned to Pitt County to practice law after obtaining a law degree from Ohio Northern University.

Upon returning to North Carolina, I joined a Greenville law firm in 2002 as a litigator and trial attorney. In 2006, Darren Dawson and I formed Dawson & Albritton, P.A. to focus our law practice on those injured by automobile accidents and medical negligence. In addition to my family and business responsibilities, I am vice chairperson for Farmville Zoning Board and Board of Adjustment. If given the opportunity, I look forward to using my legal knowledge and business experience assisting the PGSA with its continued progression and development.

Chris Sutton

PGSA has given our daughter an environment to train and learn from her outstanding coaches. Through PGSA she has made friendships that will likely last long after her playing days are over. Through her joy and happiness, I have experienced satisfaction in knowing that we made an extraordinary decision when we joined the PGSA club/family. Her emotional growth has been exponential, and her skills development has consistently grown every year, both of which are elements of the PGSA mission. This has all been made possible by the coaches that she has played for. I have and will always support them in their efforts to bring the best out of our children, both in competition and in life. All the reasons listed above, have motivated me to seek a board position. I don’t really care about politics or agendas, at the end of the day, I just want to see PGSA grow and continue to offer the same opportunities that it has given to my daughter. I am currently a captain with a local police department, and I have experience in safety & security, as a 20-year police officer. I also have between 10-15 years of event management experience, through East Carolina University and I hope that my training and experience will be an asset to PGSA. If these are qualities and experiences that would aid the club in growth and its mission, then I will work to help PGSA in any way I am needed.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jim Lewis

My name is Jim Lewis, and my family has been a part of PGSA for the past six years. I have three children whose passion for soccer has evolved through the Future Stars, Academy, and Classic programs. As a parent, I have enjoyed watching my children develop sportsmanship and leadership skills in a nurturing, competitive environment. Serving on the PGSA Board of Directors would allow me the opportunity to give back to this organization that has already given so much to my family. As a member of the board, I will work to ensure that PGSA will continue to provide a safe and supportive venue for athletes in Pitt County and the surrounding areas to mature physically, mentally, and emotionally through the sport of soccer.

Anthony Smith

Dear PGSA Community,

My name is Anthony Smith, I have lived in the Pitt County/Greenville area since 1998. I am the father of 3 children and the husband of a wonderful wife Kelli Smith. I grew to love the game of soccer after my oldest son, Ryan expressed an interest in the game 12 years ago. We became involved with PGSA about 8 years ago with the Academy program with Ryan and I am now involved with the Academy program with my youngest son, Mason.

Soccer has seen significant growth in the United States, particularly over the last 20 or so years with the success of the USWNT. In that same timeframe, PGSA has also made great strides and it still has much potential for growth. I must admit that my knowledge of the game was very limited until my children started to play and wanted to watch US and International soccer. But over the last ten years I have developed a love for the game and what it can teach our children which is why I want to work to continue to grow the game in Pitt County.

I would appreciate the member’s consideration of my request to serve as a member of the PGSA Board of Directors. Should you have any questions for me, do not hesitate to contact me at the email or phone number listed below. I look forward to your decision.

Jed Smith

My name is Jed Smith and I am just finishing my first term on the PGSA Board where I have served on the Finance and Fundraising committees. I have also helped to form and served on our new Policies/Procedures committee and our Long-Range Planning committee. I am proud that this club is in a stable place and improving every season. I am coaching in the PGSA Youth Academy; this Fall will be my fifth season. The eldest two of my four children are currently playing with the Academy, so I hope to be involved with PGSA as a parent and/or coach for a long time. In my own soccer past, I fell in love with the game as a rec player. Since then, I have played, coached or refereed every year for over 35 years. I coached seven seasons of U14-18 Classic soccer for the Stars. I also coached 26 seasons of high school soccer at JH Rose High School, spread across varsity, junior varsity, boys and girls teams. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve the PGSA family.

Hillary Mayo

Hillary Mayo is a Financial Sales Manager with First Citizens Bank. Since 2013 Hillary has focused on her professional growth by earning the ability to actively participate in various internal corporate projects to secure a solid foundation within her career. Since building that foundation her focus has now shifted to community involvement with a desire to give back by volunteering her time and financial knowledge within organizations that she believes have great potential. As a wife and mother of 2 entering a fourth season with PGSA she experienced a program that turned into family. Over those years PGSA showed great growth and dedication to providing our youth with life skills that last a lifetime. Given our current social and economic challenges we are faced with today, it is important for Hillary to take an active role within the program that has given her family such a sense of accomplishment. Helping to secure PGSA’s continued dedication to our youth, program longevity and success is Hillary’s goal.

Troy Woelfel

My name is Troy Woelfel and I am the General Manager at Mayne Pharma. I have lived in Greenville with my wife, Lynn, and our two boys, Connor (14) and Chase (10) for a year. We are a big soccer family. I, myself played for over 25 years. My oldest son, Connor, has been playing for 10 years and is currently on the 05 Stars team, while my younger son, Chase, has been playing for 4 years and is on the 08 Stars team. We even named our animals based a soccer theme; we have an english lab named Wembley (after the stadium), and a guinea pig named Mia (Hamm), who we affectionately refer to as “Hammy”.

I am excited about the opportunity to be a member of the PGSA board because I am a big believer in how important team sports are to the mental and physical development of our children. The teamwork and leadership they learn while on the field will serve them greatly throughout their entire lives; conflict resolution, good sportsmanship, never giving up, how the hard work and determination of a team greatly outweighs that of the individual. All of these are priceless life lessons that can only be learned by being an integral part of a larger team.

Over the years we have been a part of 5 different soccer organizations and we have seen what works well and what does not. I would like to help PGSA continue to grow as an organization and maintain its continued level of excellence.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Shawn Brandenburg

In the complex and interdependent world we live in, the soccer field should be a place where kids can come to be kids. In order for us to achieve this, there are things we need to do to make sure our players have what they need to achieve. If I were elected to the board, my main agenda would be:

· Make the complex bigger and better for the soccer teams

· Help get better sponsorship to take PGSA to the next level

· Get the city of Greenville to be more involved with PGSA

· Make an action plan to make sure we have PGA for the kids coming up in the future

All of these things will allow us to prosper and they will make our teams attractive to outside talent. Together we will help build a better future and the STARS will be the limit!

Vice President Candidates:

Mitch Anderson

My name is Mitch Anderson. I am running for Vice President of PGSA. I am completing my second term as an Executive committee member serving as PGSA Secretary. I have been a member of the PGSA Building and Grounds committee for over 6 years. I currently oversee the DH Conley student parking at PGSA which is the 2nd largest fund raiser behind the Beast of the East tournament. I also am responsible for the PGSA website, social media and all public communications. I also am the chair person for the Policy and Procedures committee and Public Relations committee. I am currently coaching the 2012 academy girls. I was responsible for starting the Academy Jr's program that has help develop a pipeline of new players from Future Stars into the PGSA Academy. I am still coaching that group as well with the help of many others. I would like your vote for vice president so that I can continue the momentum that we have started with our field renovations and continue to improve them as we continue to grow our club.

Eric Smith

My name is Eric Smith. My wife Lorie and I are a part of the PGSA family through my two daughters, Emma Claire and Elin. EC plays on the 09’ girls team and Elin plays on the 10’. Our girls have been playing for years, and I’ve been a voting member on the board for the past year. I am currently seeking the Vice President’s position on the PGSA board due to a one year vacancy in that role. One of the main responsibilities of the Vice President is to oversee building and grounds at the Plex along with the help of the building and grounds committee. I have a lifelong background in lawn and turfgrass maintenance. While mowing grass at an early age of 10 doesn’t solely prepare you for sports field maintenance, the experiences gained at an early age led to turfgrass maintenance education in college, and the start of my own business in 1996. Since 1996 I’ve been providing lawn care, landscaping, and irrigation services in the Pitt County area. I currently possess certifications and licensees with organizations such as the North Carolina Irrigation Contractors Licensing Board, the

North Carolina Landscape Contractors Association, I am a member of the NC Turfgrass Council, and I’m a licensed pesticide applicator for lawn and ornamentals through the NCDA. Though licenses and certification are important, life’s experiences have most prepared me for this signifiant role within PGSA. The experience has been driven by a strong work ethic instilled by my family, and a passion for the enhancing the outdoors that God has given us to enjoy.

While serving in the role of Vice President, I’d like to continue the efforts of those before me in providing the PGSA players with the best facility and field conditions possible, through a budget minded approach. My goal is for PGSA to stand out among the competition, and create a sense of pride with all who are associated with our club and community. I also plan to increase transparency, and enhance communication with committee and board members in regards to building and grounds. Parent involvement is vital to PGSA’s success, and with the support of other board members, that will assist us in leaving PGSA better for future generations. Please roll up your sleeves and join me in this effort to provide a quality facility for our children to learn and enjoy the sport of soccer.

Secretary Candidate

Daniel Kittrell

My name is Daniel Kittrell and I am running for the PGSA Board. I served on the board for one term back in 2018, I had to step away due to the fact that I was going back to school to obtain my MBA, along with 4 kids and work! I am nearly done with the MBA and I am ready to help move the club forward!

I’ve lived in Pitt County my whole life; During that time I wrestled at North Pitt High School, and then graduated from Pitt Community College and East Carolina University (best college in the state)! After college I managed an electrical construction company for a couple of years and then moved over to Spirit Aerosystems in Kinston. I have learned a lot of valuable lessons throughout my educational and professional careers that will help to make me an asset for PGSA.

The most important part of me is my family! I have been married to Robin for 11 years, and we have 4 children (Cartyr, Mackenzie, Bexley, and Abram). Cartyr plays at the classic level, Mackenzie is currently in the academy program, and Bexley plays Future Stars. I guess you can say that we are a soccer family who wants to see PGSA be the best it can be! Thanks for taking time to read my bio and I hope to serve you and your family for the upcoming season!

President Candidate

Royce Grady

My name is Royce Grady. I'm a parent, coach and board member with PGSA. I am a local business owner, Tub and Tile Restoration, who has operated in Pitt county and the surrounding areas for more than 25 years. I have been involved with PGSA for over 10 years now. My daughter started with the academy program at age 8 and is currently a rising u18. I also have a son who followed the same path and is currently a rising u12.

I am currently coaching my ninth season at PGSA. My coaching career started with future stars before I began in the Academy program, where I coached for several years. I am now the head coach of the u15 girls first division team and the u12 girls second division team.

I have also been a voting board member for the last 6 years serving on almost every committee, at some point during my tenure including tournaments, building and grounds, long range planning, discipline and appeals, and fundraising. I have worked with the last 4 presidents of PGSA and watched our clubs growth during my time on the board of directors.

I would like to continue serving PGSA in a positive way as president. There is always room for growth and improvement within an organization and my experience with the club as well as my experience in business can guide PGSA in a positive direction.

PGSA is at a crossroads with COVID 19 interrupting participation, operations and most importantly revenue. I feel like I, with the help of our board and PGSA members, can help the club transition into, what will unfortunately becoming the new norm, in regards to youth sports.

Now, more than ever, our club will need a president who will make tough/decisive choices and put the clubs members first.

If elected, I have 6 goals I would like to accomplish as president...

1- Transition PGSA and its membership into the new model of post pandemic youth sports.

2- Find new and creative ways to increase revenue for PGSA without its members shouldering the load.

3- Continue to improve our facilities so that our members and players have a place to play that they can be proud of.

4- Increase membership numbers by 10%, during my presidency, by being more inclusive.

5- Hold everyone to the same standard. Players, parents, coaches, board members (new and old) should be expected to adhere to one unified set of standards put forth by the Board of Directors.

6- Increase board members participation in PGSA operations. I.e. Building and grounds, fundraising, tournaments, etc. As a 15 member board, it is incumbent upon us ALL to be fully invested in the management, oversight, accountability and leadership of the club. A majority of the work can not fall on a minority of its board members.

In conclusion, I am excited, and honored, to be running for PGSA president. If elected, I will work diligently with my fellow board members, as well as the players, parents, coaches and managers to lead PGSA in a direction that will make our members and community proud.

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